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The following PDF file list the names of the 18 Bromeliad Inflorescences without showing the number of the photo. Print this if you want to see how many you can identify.

Bromeliad Inflorescence Contest

The Seminole Bromeliad & Tropical Plant Society occasionally has a contest at its meeting involving plant identification. This contest involves matching the inflorescence in the photo with the plant name. The number displayed below each photo will need to be matched with the plant name.

This website's slideshow feature inexplicably flips some photos on their side, so not all the pictures are displayed properly. However, since the goal is to try to identify the inflorescence, this should just be a slight annoyance. At our July 16, 2017 meeting, we had a slide show displayed on a screen.

Seminole Bromeliad & Tropical Plant Society

The following PDF file lists the names and numbers of the 18 Bromeliad inflorescences and photos. This is the solution document which you may print or view to see whether your choices were correct.